Happy Father’s Day

Happy father’s day to my Father, Dennis Barber. Although we’re miles apart I hold you close to my heart. When I take pictures, when I draw and when I write I think of how you influenced me and taught me. I know that I’m my own person but you did help shape me into who I am today and while I strive to make you proud I know I do things that have challenged our relationship.

This collection of pictures I thought was diverse in that it shows you at many stages of your life. There are three pictures of you as a young man one with Grandma and I always loved that picture as well as the other two. I would’ve loved to met that boy or to know what he was like.

I am proud that you’re a veteran and that you served in the Army and National Guard and I know that it is a big part of what shaped you into how you do things and who you are. I think you shaped yourself too and went through several transformations through the years. I could’ve posted the hippie picture of you but I went with the Beatles 70’s look that you had instead. I included a picture of the two of us camping because I do love that picture of us.

I know that you getting married to Sue was probably the happiest day of your life and who wouldn’t enjoy getting married in Jamaica? I was so happy that you met someone that puts a sparkle in your eye and makes you happy. I’ve seen her change through the years as well from being a supervisor to going to school to becoming a nurse and couldn’t be more proud of her accomplishments. I’m proud of you for encouraging her and supporting her decisions.

I do miss the boating trips whether we were just cruising or fishing or both. I miss fishing with you and just being out on the lake. Hopefully you get some time during this pandemic to go out on the lake (if it’s allowed).

The only other picture I haven’t addressed was the only one I can take credit for being my own which is when you came down to Corpus Christi to help me move with Dexter and Luna. I know you sacrificed in order to be there but I really don’t think you know how much it meant to me that you came all the way there to help me drive back to Wisconsin. I wasn’t expecting that and don’t know if I showed my appreciation for that but for me that showed me just what I mean to you.

I am your only daughter and I know while you may not say it I sometimes drove you crazy, but I believe I also have made you proud. Just know that I appreciated you coming to all the court appearances and helping me in all the times I moved. Thank you for helping your honorary daughter Paula, my best friend…I know she appreciates it and so do I. I am also thankful that my babies are at rest next to Buddy, Hailey and Shadow because they’re in good company.

Happy Father’s Day! I love you Dad, I always have and always will.

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