What’s new? What’s up?

So what’s new? Adopted a new cat, Gandalf the Grey.


This is Gandalf the Grey… we went through several names Blue was on the list and was a high possibility. There was also several others but I decided on Gandalf from being Lord of the Rings fans so Gandalf it is.


This is the Peahen that apparently has been seen around town. Today she’s been hanging out in our neighborhood so I followed her and took a few pictures of her. It’s not something you see everyday in Corpus Christi so I thought it was pretty cool.


This is a flowering tree or bush that I’ve been seeing around the city and have been wondering what it is. At first from a distance Scott thought it was a lilac and I knew it wasn’t. It looks more orchid like but I know it’s not an orchid….8:11pm Or so I thought but apparently it is some kind of purple orchid.   And the other flowering tree/bush is a mimosa flower.


So moving to Corpus Christi has definitely been interesting so far. Busy busy, for me with moving and trying to find a job. I guess that has paid off since I start my new job tomorrow. Since the only thing I really know is that it’s a customer service job in a call center and who it’s for I’ll give more but not that much more details on my job at a later point. Wish me luck though because 5am comes very early and having had little sleep from Luna being sick… I am hoping tonight I get good rest for the first training day.