Cincinnati Girl

Well it’s becoming more official! I went to get my Ohio drivers license and found out that unlike Wisconsin where you go to the DMV, and unlike Texas where you go to the DPS, in Ohio we go to the BMV to get our license. And it’s now changing in most if not all states rules of what you need and what the license is used for. Obviously it’s a form of identification but it’s also getting closer to being like a passport which is why you need your social security card, license, birth certificate, two proofs of residency (for Ohio) and marriage or divorce decree. And for those official proofs of your address they’re specific about what can be used so I had my schooling and bank statement but many use utility bills. I was almost running out of time and it’s difficult when you just move to a new city to get officially used proof of address but I managed to do it.

On the job front I’ve been going through and making sure that all my resume’s are up to date and making sure profiles on the different sites have tantalizing information for potential prospects looking for their newest addition to their company. I have also been working on getting health insurance established here which seems to be the endless and monotonous process of utter crap and waiting for whatever to get processed. In the meantime I do not have a therapist or regular doctor nor have I been getting my allergy shots but at least the pharmacy back home has been good about sending the refills to me. Yet I worry since it has been longer than I’d like since I’ve had my shots or spoke to a therapist.

My Dexter

I’ve been trying to find grief support and domestic violence support or one on one (given my situation) sessions so that I may talk about what is coming up faster every day. The victim witness coordinator called yesterday and told me that the judge approved me calling into the motion hearing on May 9th for the motion to suppress statement. It worries me that he’s going to be able to suppress his statement and what is going to happen if that happens.

My Luna

This is why I’ve been stressing a bit because I was going to therapy every week and attending domestic violence meetings and grief support groups. I’m not saying that Cincinnati doesn’t have these things available, it just hasn’t been easy to find one that’s not clear across the city that isn’t as familiar as I’d like it to be as of yet. I am getting better at getting around and finding things but that’s more-so closer to where I live and I guess in my comfort zone.

I know that I’ll have to venture out of that zone sooner or later to get to certain things and I have but less times alone than with Joe. I am getting more used to being here and that I am safe but I still have days where I unnecessarily stress about things and it’s not always intentionally. I keep trying to remind myself that things do take time. Like losing weight, getting insurance, finding support and meeting new people.

I had my first birthday in Cincinnati and unfortunately the weather didn’t exactly cooperate with me, it was rainy and cool and trying to find a gourmet cupcake shop proved to not be fun. While Joe and I were out running errands I figure that it would be easy to find a little place where I could have a cupcake birthday (and I think GPS and google needs to find a way that if a business leaves an area (an algorithm) that checks perhaps monthly to see if the business exists in that area. I did get a cupcake but it took more than one try to find what I was looking for and it was definitely good. I guess what I also should do is plan ahead better or leave it up to someone else to make sure or make a cupcake or cake.

Chandler’s Burger Bistro – Cincinnati, Ohio

My birthday was this past weekend which was also Easter weekend. This happens more often than not where while Easter is a floating holiday that part of it lands on my birthday and I don’t mind. Joe and I decided to have an early Easter Birthday outing to Chandlers Burger Bistro and I have to say the Queencity burger was excellent!

The update for today is that I went in ccap on a wonder of what’s going on with the Holt case and read there’s a motion to suppress my statement. So I called the victim Witness Coordinator and inquired what statement of mine are they trying to suppress. It would appear that it is from my blog. My freedom of fucking speech, my timeline of events, and things they are now trying to get me to fucking silence. Guess who isn’t going to go gently into that quiet night? Me…make fucking sure that the public Sheriff department stops releasing that statement for $1. Make sure you track down all the fucking places I stated exactly what you did in your fucking words uncoerced. How you strangled Dexter with one hand and beat Dexter my 11 pound cat that never attacked you and if he did it’s cause you beat him, you beat him while strangling him 10 to 20 times and then dropped his lifeless body on the floor and panicked and when you were done cleaning him and your mess up your put him under my bed for me to find. Then lied lied lied lied lied lied lied lied your fucking head off and now trying to make it so you look squeaky fucking clean. You are not. You controlled me, you beat my babies, they ran and slunk away from you. You made him piss and you rubbed him into it. More than once. Then killed both of my babies cause you hate cats, you like strangling and have done it before. Well you will NEVER get fucking me.