Anxiety strikes

Joe and I gathered our clothes to do laundry and went to the facility at our complex. As we arrived it looked like this person stopped to get mail or for speed bump so we pulled into a spot further away. The car proceeded towards us and then made a maneuver to back into closest space to the facility. We got out and she got out of her car and said something which Joe asked her to repeat and the bitch came back and said, “I am talking about you to them.” Because of the proximity and her flagrant attitude it put me into my flight response. I continued to help Joe and got laundry inside and started a load and when the woman left I couldn’t shake the feelings of anxiety or dread I felt and had a bad panic attack. No matter what I did on my phone and with breathing I couldn’t seem to make it subside. After a bit of time after the wash was put into the dryer Joe suggested again I should go home. I was afraid of leaving him there but I also was in pain and it wasn’t going away. So I came home and took my medication and tried relaxing to get my mind off things.

Why did this happen? The woman intimidated me, we didn’t do anything wrong and she was just a rude ass bitch that decided to intimidate us. Those that know me know I’m not prejudiced but this lady reminded me of girls that had bullied me in my past. I seen the unpredictability and squirreliness which essentially paralyzed me. I hate that it does and hoping to figure out how to work past it.

Thanksgiving turkey

Other than that had a lovely holiday with plenty of my favorites which we got to share with his brother who came up for the weekend.