O-Hanami Cherry Blossoms & More

I’ve discovered that there are many things to do in Cincinnati. While I have been preoccupied with job searches, interviews and other things I have also been paying attention to things that peak my interest.

Cherry Blossom event at Ault Park Cincinnati

Any true friend of mine would tell you that I love cherry blossoms so when I heard that there was a park I needed to go to for an event called the O-Hanami Cherry Blossom Event I was set. It didn’t disappoint at all. It was the first time I was able to see this many cherry trees in bloom and smelling and being just beautiful. The pictures only give it so much justice.

More Cherry Blossoms

While we were there we had lunch at Jersey Mikes and then went over to this little shop that Joe said heard had great desserts. That is a place I’ll definitely return to which was Servatti Pastry Shop at Hyde Park and later we went to this little gelato place which was amazing called Buona Terra. I had blood orange and strawberry gelato and Joe had the lemon curd gelato.

Joe and me

We went back for a few more panoramic pictures of the Cherry Blossoms at Ault Park before we headed back home. I’m looking forward to tomorrow as well because we’re going to the Taft Museum of Art because they have an exhibit with Georgia O’Keefe and I’m so excited!

Ault Park Cincinnati

More updates and pictures coming soon!