Mother’s day

For those that don’t know me I always wanted to have children. It wasn’t in the cards for me to do so for various reasons. My first husband was a cheater and abusive so I left. The next guy I thought I was going to marry left me after 5 years. The next one I was engaged to I screwed it up and I have a second chance but I feel sometimes like I’ve gone through hell to get to where I am. Cause after I screwed up with Joe I was impulsive, I wanted to get the hell out of my hometown and when Scott came into my life I jumped at the opportunity. It’s really not as simple as all that. There are so many things that got involved in this process and what happened during the time I was actively with Scott but I am going to leave out the majority of it because it’s personal to him and he wouldn’t want me bringing that up as much as I don’t want him throwing in my face how he feels that I responded and it wasn’t good. We were better as friends and we did end up living civilly together but it wasn’t as easy as that either, in the end Hurricane Harvey happened and he finally had enough cause he asked if I would just be with him and I told him I could not so he left for Michigan and since I couldn’t figure out how to make it given everything after the Hurricane I went back to Wisconsin.

Lovely Luna

Then I couldn’t possibly imagine how things could go from bad to worse but then I got with the one man who had been obsessed about being with me and from my understanding from his close friends that spelled it out for me when we could hang out and go to dinner together or our for drinks in HIS mind we were together. He kept that up until he realized that I wasn’t going to not be with Joe and it wasn’t until after Joe and I broke up that he re-entered and tried his ball of tricks. I was his grand prize. He always wanted to get with me and finally after so many years and after I returned home from my own hell of going through the hurricane he decided to be Mr. Nice guy. Charming fellow that supposedly changed and wanted to be with me and was nice and wanted to help me. He didn’t just want to help me, he knew what he was going, little by little he did. Started with the therapy and getting on me for that and getting on me for time I spent with my Best Friend Paula or the kids. Any time away from him.

And sweet Dexter

Then of course there was my babies Luna and Dexter. How to disguise and pretend that he didn’t hate cats and that he was OK with them and any attention I’d give them. Wrong. There were signs. It doesn’t matter now of course. No one seems to want to really look at what happened, my timeline. September 17th when I had my allergy shot in the morning and Paula took me there for 8am and I went and we were gone maybe an hour. Upon returning Paula and I were sitting in the driveway talking in her van and then I noticed him inside by the bathroom and he had sent the text about my shitball cat tearing up his hand which I still have as evidence which I gave to Judge O’melia, also Michael Schiek. Paula and I went inside and he was finishing getting ready for work and pissy and left. Paula and I went to look for Dexter who was in the nook where he was locked in and his eye was swollen shut and full of gook and he was covered in urine and seemed dazed and not wanting to get out of the litter box. I cleaned up the urine from the hallway and was freaking out and we decided to call my Dad so there’s that phone conversation about what took place in the hour I was gone and then we took Dexter to Dr. French immediately after talking to her. She witnessed the urine, eye, carpeting under his split bleeding claws on September 17th. So did Paula and I. THIS IS FUCKING IMPORTANT EVIDENCE ASSHOLES. This shows an hour of time he was alone and Dexter was fine before I left and covered in urine with his eye swollen shut and dazed and extremely FUCKING stressed? Dexter spent the day at French’s where they took care of him and when I took him home with antibiotics I brought him into my room which I was living with and in a FUCKING relationship with the FUCKING asshole that did this shit but didn’t share rooms and brought Dexter’s litter box, food and water into the room and TOLD the jerk that Dexter needed to be left alone, he was stressed and he’s on antibiotics for an infection and needs to heal and I WOULD take care of him. He had NO reason to GO INTO MY FUCKING ROOM. Dexter did recover from the infection and only reacted skittish around the JERK. NO ONE seems to fucking care about this. There’s evidence there. There’s Paula and Alison French, a veterinarian who has given letters. They are willing to testify to this. THIS shows that it wasn’t isolated. It wasn’t an accident and likely premeditated and on October 8th when I got called into my job after my allergy shot he took that jump. He went into the room even though he was told not to go in there. He self admitted the cat hissed. SO WHY NOT WALK THE FUCK OUT?

You knew what you were doing. I do not doubt he hissed and tried to fight for the rest of the life that you fucking choked out of him and beat out of him and dropped him on the fucking floor like he was a piece of trash and then hid him under my bed after some clean up of course. But you wouldn’t want to mention that. And now we’re nearing the end of this bullshit and you know it. You didn’t get me, you will never get me. You did kill and admittedly killed Dexter by strangling and beating him and putting him under my bed for me to find AND I FUCKING HATE you for it. I hate crying cause I am still grieving and still stressed and frustrated cause no fucking body gives a fuck cause it’s just a fucking cat to them. He’s a piece of property. He’s not my baby. He’s partially the victim but I am too. What you did to me SCARRED me for fucking life. You worthless scumbag. No I won’t be satisfied with the outcome of this and it was handled FUCKING poorly AS FUCK. I will not be quiet about it. I love Dexter and I love Luna and you robbed me of having them and not just getting the fuck away from me. Well now I’m far far far the fuck away from you and I have issues. I can’t sleep, my anxiety is fucked and no one really gives a fuck about that. FUCK YOU for this, all of this. FUCK you for it all. You DID NOT win. No matter what.