The Luna Projects

I’ve been laying awake trying to sort through certain things and one of those things is what I want to accomplish with the Luna Projects. I first want to shed light on a dark situation, domestic violence for I am a domestic violence survivor. I was with a narcissist that controlled who I saw, how long I saw them, what I said, how I ate, what I ate and drank and what I did and how I was until I forgot who I was. I’ll never be that woman ever again. What many have failed to acknowledge with me is that I was in a domestic violence situation. I have a domestic violence restraining order against my abuser and I suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder from everything that he put me through not just how he murdered my babies (Luna and Dexter).


I am so thankful for my best friend Paula for being with me through this train wreck. She is still there and listens and cries with me and understands and that’s what best friends are for. We support each other, we go out of our way to help us at our darkest of times when we don’t recognize ourselves. Paula has pulled me out of the wreckage and I’ve seen her through things as well. I’d go through hell and back for her and I know she would for me and I’m eternally grateful for her.

Paula and I

My other angel is Joe. We have a long history and we’ve started a new chapter in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is also my best friend and the love of my life. He has held me and listened to me and supported me and wiped many tears away. He’s also seen me at my worst and I’m still scratching my way out of what mess Mr. Holt put me through. I vow to spend the rest of my days doing whatever I can to make Joe smile and happy because he makes me smile and makes me happy.

Me and my love Joe

The future of the Luna Projects is something I need to research more. I’ve been struggling trying to find domestic violence support groups close to me and I’m not sure how to go about starting up one but I plan on pursuing this. I’m not saying there aren’t any domestic violence groups in Cincinnati but in the area within 10 miles of where I live there is not. Cincinnati is a large city which has several counties…. fathom that multiple counties in a city. So I’m proposing to try to start a support group maybe in a church or some kind of meeting hall and or talking to a school or some other place to see what my options are to get this together. I know I’m not a special unique flower in this particular area of Cincinnati who is a domestic violence survivor. People like me need more support from people that have been in the trenches.