Winter is Coming

I’ve been rewatching Game of Thrones in anticipation for the last season (8) which starts April 14th of this year. When I first seen part of Game of Thrones I think I was too busy with my life at the time to relax and enjoy it but later when Scott started watching it again I somehow got hooked into it to the point that he had to start from the beginning. Subsequently as the seasons were going to start I’ve done a GOT marathon.

Obligatory Game of Thrones meme

But that is not the only reason I titled this as such. I’m back in Wisconsin, for now and I’ve made more than one mention how this has been one of the snowiest seasons we’ve had in many years. There were many weather records that were broke this year in Wisconsin and it doesn’t seem like Winter is Ending anytime soon. If you look around this small city with all the snowfall we received and the lack of the city or county to remove the snow or move it so it’s safer driving conditions you’d understand why Winter is Still here. However there’s yet another Winter storm warning which is predicting 4-6 inches however I also heard much more than that. I’m frankly beyond disgusted with winter.

One of the heaviest snowfall for Rhinelander

There are several things that need to happen this week and I am hoping that I can jam make it happen. I was told from the person I’m living with now I have a deadline of this next weekend and I’ve been working on what I’m going to do since I was given that deadline. How? Trying to figure out where I’m going to go, what I’m going to do etc. No I didn’t sit down with or call everyone, if I felt that the answer to if I could stay with somewhere (yes it was assuming) was going to be a resilient no I didn’t ask. I looked into possibilities of people looking for room mates, costs to getting an apartment, signed up (to get on list) for other things and what is the conclusion? As it stands a cousin of mine has agreed that I can come and live there so I could take what I have in one place and go there but there’s the second option that popped up after going to my cousins which is going to Cincinnati.

There are certain pressing things I want to do before leaving for Cincinnati. One is spending time with my aunt and her family. Out of respect for the family I won’t go into details as of yet. I also need to make way too many phone calls and situate several things. I want to see my friend Beth before going as well. There’s also sorting through things that are in storage that would be going with me because I wouldn’t be keeping the storage here even though I would be returning at the end of May for the trial. Yes I will be incredibly busy and will be contacting people for assistance as needed. I’m hoping the weather cooperates somewhat so that I can do some of these things without a bunch of bullshit. We’re also expected to have warmer temperatures this week which will help.

Not all my details have been finalized and I’m being somewhat vague about what is to come and when everything. All I will say for now is that things are happening sooner than later and I have a lot to do. A lot of this would have been different but it is what it is. I will keep you posted when I can with my limited time.