For Louise and Louie

This was Louise’s favorite picture I took. I took this picture at Zilker Botanical Garden’s in Austin, Texas while I was living there in 2012.

Louise Linda Fish was born on July 8, 1943, in Gagen, Wisconsin. She was the second daughter, the third child of Bertha Lillian Foust (Fish), and Blaine Ivan Fish.

For Louise (video I made for Louise)

Louise married Louie William Norton and had four children; Lisa, Tammy, Kevin and Heather. When I was in grade school I remember spending a lot of time with them, especially the two youngest.

They lived on Gardner street but then moved to Forest Loop in Rhinelander. Heather and I would go to Town Line Park way before the beach was open and go swimming. Louise and Louie would get so mad at us. But it is those memories and the tree fort in the backyard, stealing corn from the garden and reading Dr. Suess books at an early age.

Later playing on Kevin’s Atari and listening to Heather’s albums of Prince.

I remember other things being around Louise as well later as I got older. Things changed and I wasn’t always living in Wisconsin. First I moved to Abilene, Texas and from there to New York City.

When I returned to Wisconsin I remember getting together with Louise and visiting and being there with her and her sister Jeanne exchanging genealogy information. They both encouraged me and gave me pictures and information to help me.

I remember before I moved to Austin in 2012 I went to visit with Louie and Louise and was glad I got to spend some quality time alone with them. Louie had already started getting sick by that time and Louise for how strong she always was had tears before I left. Louie gained his wings October of 2018.

I didn’t ask her about it until my last visit with her in March of 2019. I knew the seriousness of her condition before I moved. I made sure that I got to see her and have that time. She shared what happened and we shared a lot of other memories we had together through the years. I will treasure that day with her and glad she got to see some of the art that I did through the years.

In December after getting an update on her condition I put together the video I shared here and sent it to her children and my mother so she could see it and know I made it for her. Now it’s get video of my pictures aside from the ones that were from when they spread Louie’s ashes.

I know Louie and Louise were destined to be together and how much they lived each other and their family and grandchildren. Now they’re reunited and at peace. I miss and love you both.