What a week…

Last weekend I went to the Angel Paws memorial walk in Blue Ash. I felt very emotional when I was working on the luminaries. While doing Luna’s I seemed ok but then when it came to find Dexter’s I broke down and I wasn’t the only one.

Dexter & Luna’s luminaries.

Joe did his best to distract me last Saturday and we had a nice time exploring a bit more of the city. I took a bunch of pictures including most of the Glendale squirrels. But we also went to Hyde Park for my favorite Gelato and to Bangkok Bistro a lovely Thai restaurant.

Monday went back to work and we had overtime which was a ten hour day. Tuesday scared me. While I was getting ready for work I thought I was having a panic attack so I took my medication but the pain in my chest kept worsening and I had this sensation that pills were stuck in my throat. I told Joe that if it didn’t go away I would go to the ER and I got to work and by the time I was there it was real bad. I let work know I was going to the hospital and went. After having an ekg, chest x rays and a gi cocktail in addition to them taking blood they said my heart was fine and my lungs were clear. They gave me some kind of shot in the iv and a lidocaine patch to put on my back and said it was a medication musculoskeletal thing. This didn’t exactly help me so I talked to my primary care physician who told me to call and they’d fit me in the next day. She met with me and did an examination and her nurses took blood she changed my antacid and informed me I have gerd and that I have an inflammation in my chest wall and prescribed ibuprofen 3 times a day and gave me a weight restriction. Work will not let me back until I’m cleared. I have a follow up on Wednesday.

It’s hard having Ptsd and not really knowing many people and now being at home and my brain is working overtime. I often feel alone and Joe says I can talk to him but he’s been busy with work and it isn’t easy. I still have therapy and my group. I just am having a really hard time.

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