Rainy day Monday

One of the things I didn’t expect is how much it rains here in Cincinnati but this city definitely grew in me quickly. Which is why I’m always taking pictures of many things wherever I go.

Cincinnati rain

So I met with Alyssa, my therapist today and asked her what we’re doing with my therapy and it’s called dialectical behavioral therapy. It’s one of the many ways that they work with PTSD.

I started reading a book that Judy back at Cornerstone recommended called, “The Body Keeps the Score – Brain Mind & Body In the Healing of Trauma” I’ll give more about the book when I’ve read more of it. Alyssa recommended, “The Smell of Rain on Dust”. I do try many different things when it comes to my trauma, domestic violence and PTSD. I keep special stones in my pocket to help ground me and Mary Kay gave me several grounding techniques to use. I have read many books on essential oils and use them. I have EMDR and mindfulness and meditation apps to try to help myself. Alyssa also stated in still in my trauma based brain like Mary Kay stated. It’s hard. Everyday is hard. Memory issues from the trauma and fighting to work on making my memory better. Different things come out at different times and for the first several months of this I was in court mode, everything went into keeping facts straight and making sure the Sheriff, DA and others had all the facts and fighting to get justice. Then when the trial ended the grief really started. And some memories of not just what happened to Luna and Dexter surfaced. Now I deal with it with therapy, reading and writing and being vigilant.

I would like patience from people and try to be a bit more empathetic. Don’t always wait for me to call. Remember I do work and I’m not as easily accessible. I still need my friends and family. And I like knowing that you think of me or miss me and want time with me too.