My Luna Lamour – happy birthday my sweets

Baby Luna, first bath.

I made a guestimate when it came to Luna’s birthday and this photo was taken from the night I brought her home. Scott told me about some kittens he seen at an oil field drop site that the gate guard was feeding. He had asked if he could take one cause he knew I missed having cats and I really wanted one.

Luna and me

So we made the trip to go see the babies and when we arrived I seen a thin white cat which was Momma. The babies were hiding. The guard and her kids went looking for the babies and they found them hiding under the hood of a car, two gingers and a calico. I seen the calico and knew I wanted her.

Luna and her heart

And she was always the greatest little girl. She was and will always be mom’s little sweet. I loved she had green yellow eyes. She would always go to bed with me every night and kneaded me once a day. She had a thing for gum wrappers because that’s how I taught her to play fetch.


She was full of life and loved to play and loved Gandalf when we brought him home. Gandalf didn’t make it easy to not like him. So she accepted him and cuddled often.

Gandalf and Luna

By the time Dexter came along she didn’t so much tolerate his trying to snuggle but at least he also had Gandalf. When it was the two of them and me they cohabitated and would play but no snuggles. But at least she snuggled with me and loved on me. I miss your snuggles and love. My Luna love.

Luna and me