Day Before Hearing

Since I moved to Cincinnati I hadn’t regularly seen a therapist. I had two ladies from different groups that I met up with. One woman from Women helping Women who I have enjoyed our one on one times with and the lady from hospice and while she’s a nice lady I got more from the WHW DV woman. But the more digging that I did I connected through many connections and things that I’ve been following up on got connected with a therapist which I met with for the first time today. Honestly I felt it happened in the nick of time considering tomorrow is the phone conference for me but motion hearing to decide whether or not who’s statement or statements are going to be suppressed. I’ve been nervous and anxious about this hearing. I know that my anxiety is going to increase the closer that the trial but at least I won’t feel disconnected and I will have my support team with me during the trial.

My therapist is helpful and had several ideas and she is impressed with how thorough and organized I am with this case. I said I’ve had to be since I’ve been feeling like I’ve been the one that has been left out of the loop. I’ve hand delivered my timeline, I’ve given them evidence to help prove my side and I’ve been bugging the Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney and also the Victim Witness Coordinator. I’ve also been contacting several animal activist organizations, victim (state and national) organizations for assistance. I’ve organized what I can to put together the petitions which one has 18.5k and the other at last I seen had 24k signatures with the information from the statement that I got and radio and tv stations and print got that stated how Holt strangled and beat Dexter 10 to 20 times until he went unconscious, dropping him to the floor and pacing and then putting him under MY bed for me to find. Please no one forget those details. It’s been seen by my calculations over 40,000 people from all over the world not to mention who has seen the news, listened to radio stations and read newspapers from Wisconsin that have covered the ugly details from when he was arrested and ADMITTED to strangling and beating my Dexter to death. So please tell me how the FUCK that’s going to be suppressed?

My Sweet Girl Luna on me.

But like I said things go sour, things go south with this. I will continue writing, talking, screaming if I have to, I will make sure no one ever forgets Luna and Dexter and what was done and what wasn’t done by the law. Law is supposed to protect the innocent. Dexter and Luna were innocent and I may have done a bad thing or two but I would never dream of doing what this monster did to my babies. I’m a FUCK of a lot more innocent. And I know who is guilty. And one day I’ll be able to sleep peacefully at night without thinking of the gruesome details of what you said in your statement about what you did to my baby. And not think of how Luna died in my arms, how I cried myself to sleep for days after she died and holding my Dexter. Finding Dexter cold and stiff and holding his cold body wrapped in his blanket wanting to reverse time from before I EVER MET YOU. But I can’t. But you didn’t finish me. Just remember that. I’m one tough fucking bitch who WILL never FORGET.

My Dexter & Me

So I’m going to continue taking pretty pictures and not being afraid to walk or be alone somewhere. I’m going to do my art and write and fight and rally and raise awareness for all animal protectors against animal haters, animal abusers such as you. So you get the punishment that you deserve instead of it being glossed over like you robbed the five and dime. Well you didn’t. YOU KILLED, you murdered, you abused, you admittedly strangled and beat Dexter. My cat, my baby, an 11 lb sweet loving cat. As I’ve said in the past you denied any involvement with Luna but I know better, you may not be charged with her but her blood is on your hands as is Dexter’s. And I don’t feel bad that he scratched you for what you did to them. They NEVER deserved any of it. DO YOU FUCKING HEAR ME?

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