In Cincinatti

Charles Dicken’s once said this about this city, “Cincinatti is a beautiful city; cheerful, thriving and animated. I have not often seen a place that commends itself so favorably and pleasantly to a stranger at first glance as this does.”  So Saturday left Wisconsin early in the morning for the trip. The roads in Wisconsin were so horrible that it took longer than expected just to leave Wisconsin.

Wisconsin winter

This was something that I definitely needed was to get away from all the stress and reminders and to see and spend time with Joe.


When we came into the city it was almost 6pm and went the the local Chick-fil-A which was different than the ones I seen in Corpus Christi. First thing was that it was so busy. Also was happy to find out that the chicken torilla soup is permenantly on the menu. In Corpus it was just a seasonal thing.

Jungle Jim’s

Joe took Ken and I to Jungle Jim’s which is the largest International Market in the country. I so loved it there and will definitely have to return when I come here to live. Yes I do plan on living in Cincinatti. That’s the plan.

Right now as everything stands there are still things to do back home. Mainly I have a couple possibilities as to where I will go in less than two weeks and I’m still really pissed off about that entire situation cause I’m not sure how that’s going to take place. Moving in two weeks and trying to figure out how to do that when there’s so much fucking snow it’s hardly going to be possible to do shit in this. I understand wanting privacy but come on? Need to be safe about this shit. Just have a bit of patience cause lets see Dad and Sue are vacationing I believe end of March but that could be sooner. I have wanted to have some kind of conversation about this entire situation to  honestly look at it with a bit of intelligence and not negligence. 

I did need this vacation from everything back home in the worst way because there is so much horrible stress for me being there. And people wanting me to handle my situation which the situation is I was emotionally abused for a year by a horrible man who ended up killing Dexter and while there’s no proof of it pretty sure he killed Luna. So me handling that situation isn’t exactly something that I can do on my own. Joe understands that it’s going to take awhile and that I’m doing many things that are working on helping me. I am doing support groups, therapy, breathing exersizes and meditation. What I have been begging for is my family and friends to spend time with me and not me hunting them down and feeling like most couldn’t possibly get away from me fast enough.  It’s not everyone but I am more often alone and becoming more recluse. I’m uncomfortable going out alone in Rhinelander especially.  I don’t feel safe. I’m not comfortable and I want all this crap to stop or go away as well.

But yes I have things to figure out very soon and I need help with them so I’d appreciate it if I could get some. To go back to talking about me moving… I either have to wait until after the stupid trial is done or figure out how to get here sooner and return when trial is going to happen.

There are a few things I want to do before I move away and people I want to see. I’ll write more when I get back to Rhinelander. For now I’m going to spend some quality time with Joe.