Greetings from Cincinnati

My last couple weeks in Wisconsin was a whirlwind of everything, especially in the last week and in all honesty there were things I really wanted to do that just didn’t happen. I didn’t exactly make it clear in previous posts that the move was going to happen when it did. I did that partially for my own personal safety and I wanted to make sure that I did get to do certain things before leaving my hometown.

Louise’s kitchen

To make the week of my move a bit more difficult and stressful I decided to get a kidney infection which made doing things that much more difficult. Monday’s focus for me was spending time with my aunt Louise and I’m glad we got together and talked about many things. I made her a promise before I left and I intend to keep it.

Anie & Me

Tuesday I guess one could say was the day that I got to see the doctor about what I thought was the urinary tract infection which it likely started as such but probably with stress and other things quickly was worse. I’m done with my antibiotics now and doing well.

Alex and me

Thursday I went to therapy with Judy and Paula and then her and I picked up some last things I needed for the move and I had lunch with my aunt Jeanne and Grandma Pat at the pub. I’m thankful for the time I spent with them as well that day and they were both excited about my new venture. After lunch I went to Ivy to have my hair beautifully cut and that evening I spent with Paula and Anie and Alex. Watched the kids at jujitsu and then had quality time at their house.

New cut from Ivy

Packing and loading things was a whole lot of not fun. And I knew it wasn’t going to be with having had to do everything in a short period. The snow and ice situation made it difficult as well. My Dad and Frank and Joe’s brother Brian and I loaded things to Dad’s truck and Brian’s suv. I am very thankful for all their help. I couldn’t have done it without them.

Aunt Jeanne and me

Brian tried his best to keep me sane while packing at a fast pace and trying to not think about everything. The guys loaded everything from storage and returned to where I was and we loaded as much as we could and called it a day because we were more than just a bit exhausted. Brian and I then went to see Alison and the Cat Palace. It was nice getting to talk with her and get snuggle time with the cats. It was also a much needed break.


I spent my last night at my Grandma’s house which gave me extra time with her so we could talk and have alone time. Saturday morning she made me eggs and then I had to head over to get the last bit loaded and prepare for the long drive. At Dad’s we printed out a map for the route in case anything happened. I set my gps to avoid Chicago and go through Bloomington before heading to Cincinnati but despite my best efforts I still ended up in Chicago Saturday night at 9pm….. which is not fun when you have all your belongings in a Uhaul. But I made it very early morning on St. Patrick’s Day and Dexter’s birthday. Slept for a bit and unloaded the Uhaul.

Sunset in Cincinnati

I’ve been doing a lot of unpacking but Joe has been trying and succeeding in making sure I don’t just try to do everything in one day. That’s difficult at times but it’s nice to go places and not be afraid all the time. I’ve been trying to get the sites around the city as well and those that follow me should expect to see quite a lot of them as time goes on. But for now I’m going to head to bed and bid you a farewell from Cincy. 🙂