I’m Jack’s Raging Bile Duct

So today was the pre-trial conference to which they haven’t come up with an agreement that’s suitable for both the District Attorney and Public Defender with Holt. It has been decided to to a jury trial and that trial date is currently set for May 24th with jury selection beginning at 8am that day. I talked to Michael Schiek and he informed me that he would be calling me as a witness, also the veterinarian (which I’m sure Alison has been expecting this), the arresting officer (Deputy Brewer) and we would discuss other people and I added Paula because she was there with me when he threatened to change the locks and get a gun and kill himself. I honestly can’t imagine what Holt thinks that he could possibly come up with to give him lesser sentencing or that he believes he’s not guilty. He confessed and that reminds me I will be picking up my audio copy of that confession so I can hear it, yes indeed motherfucker. I want to hear your cold aloof, uncaring, nonchalantly stated confession of how and what you did to my Dexter. You’re a fucking moron.

Dexter & Me (My sweet loving boy)

You left out cleaning up his mess and gluing his eyes shut cause little known fact when a cat passes or even is under anesthesia their eyes are OPEN. You are a sick heartless psychopath and an idiot. And you’re poor defense of getting “attacked” by Dexter? He’s a 10 lb cat and you are 200 lbs? The vet told me and I told you to stay the fuck out of my room because he was stressed and needed to recover and you knew I took care of his food, water, litter and you just wanted to KILL my baby. You horrible waste of a human. You couldn’t stand that I loved him and that he loved me and he didn’t like you and was scared of you. You’re evil.

There has been suspicion as to why you want to do this. First and most obvious to continue your fucking control over me. To try to get me to give up the fact that you murdered my babies? Think again asshole. You ruined me but I AM FIGHTING back and I am one scary fucking bitch that you fucked with. So good luck.

This will make you go to jail if you violate it.

When you decide to come near my fucking workplace be prepared for me to take fucking pictures and video and oh yea call the police cause your stupid ass can’t stay the fuck away from me. And you must think I’m not thorough and I haven’t kept all your fucking texts, messages from Facebook and talked to others. This isn’t going to end well for you. I know what you did to others and I know what you did to my Dexter and what you wanted to do to me. So my advise is to quit while you’re ahead.