I am Jack’s… complete lack of surprise

I worked at the Smoke Shop today until we closed, this is a regular day for me however today when I was done and waiting outside with doors locked I seen the very familiar black jeep with partial Wisconsin plate KWT and the passenger rear window still duct taped. Then I seen him drive right in front of me and over to the liquor store. He never went to Steins before…just Walmart and Trig’s. He’s a creature of habit. He knew when I’d get off work, he’s not stupid and this is only the beginning of his bullshit intimidation tactics. Yes restraining order guess what? We can be in a public place at same time but he has to not interact, not follow or approach. Still think I’m crazy? Don’t, this is beginning. He’s sneaky, he will try anything he can you just watch. I am not paranoid. And the police need to be mindful of the psychopath. He is dangerous. He hates me. I hate to infinity and beyond his demon spawned ass. So who is going to keep me safe? Still think I should live alone. No way. He murdered brutally murdered Dexter, cleaned him and left him for me to find. And lied and made me seem like I was crazy. I have Ptsd, pretty sure of that and IBS from this shit. I am fucking frightened of his ass. OK people, fucking listen. He could kill me.

Other than that I had a good day, busy day and was getting to know my friends from my groups. They think he’s doing it to intimidate me. It’s intentional. This was no mistake. Do not take this with a grain of salt. I fucking feel it. I believe he will try.

Chicken soup for soul

Step mom made soup and it’s amazing how good it tastes when you need comfort. I needed comfort. Thank you Liz for the advice, thank you Joe for helping calm me, thanks Sue for soup, thanks Dad for going back so I could check the lock, thanks Krystal for our talk, thanks Nikki for our talk and thank you my constant or occasional reader.

4 thoughts on “I am Jack’s… complete lack of surprise

  1. Document the living hell out of this. See his vehicle – take a picture. Take a video. Every DAMN time. Take it with you into the courtroom, and show that he is testing the limits of his restraining order.

    OK – funny(ish) true story. I had to put a restraining order on my ex, because whenever he’d pick the kids up or drop them off (always playing games with the time or day) he would verbally abuse me. So, it became a thing that he had to call the kids when he was on his way, and they would go out to him when he arrived. One day, he decides he doesn’t have to participate in what the court has ordered, and gets out of the car and starts coming up the walk. I *knew* this shit would happen, and I was ready. I pulled out my camera, and snapped a picture – while that jackass smiled and posed – before he realized that he’d just incriminated himself. That memory still makes me smile.

    • Wow Liz Yea I can totally see Mr. Holt doing this to me. I wasn’t thinking on Wednesday when I was the deer in headlights and plus it was dark. But I will try my best to be prepared for when Mr. Bravity or Mr. Stupid decides he’s going to try and get away with it again. I’m glad I did call the Sheriff’s Department and talked with the Rhinelander Police Department about this so it is on record that it happened even though they determined that he was in a public space and didn’t approach me. I know that’s not going to be the last time the idiot pulls his crap with me.

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