Winter chill

The temperatures here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin have been dropping to subzero and will be there for the next couple weeks apparently. I’ve never been a fan of the bitter cold part of being here. I’m also not a huge fan of the snow but it can be pretty. When you live in the Northwoods there’s a point where you’ve seen enough snow for the year and it’s way too cold for you.

I seem to be having the bad luck because the charge port on my other laptop the Dell has decided it’s not going to work when at first I thought it was the strip it was plugged into but I’m thinking it’s either the cord or the port itself. Regardless I have a laptop I cannot access which has almost all my pictures on it. In addition to that fun Paula has my external drive (older one) and she misplaced the cord so I don’t have access to that one either. I’m frustrated. Right now I’m using my HP laptop which has Linux Mint installed on it. I’ll have to figure out what I’m going to do about the laptop situation but in the meantime I’m just using this older one with much less space and will need at least an external drive to transfer all the pictures from the hard drive on the laptop with the faulty port or cord.  I didn’t need this right now but I guess I consider myself lucky for still having this Linux laptop to be able to use.

I was called into work at the smoke shop to cover for a couple hours and will have to go immediately to the NRG to do the hockey game. At least it keeps me busy and from overthinking what I’m going to do about things out of my control at this time.

Dexter on the pillows

I have issues sleeping every night. Most nights I no longer take clonazapam to sleep because I don’t like the hungover feeling I have when I wake up in the morning that I was getting. So I usually just put my sleep/meditation music on YouTube on and sometimes my diffuser with essential oils to help me relax. What I have found it while I make my bed and still have the nest of pillows which I’ve had because of Dexter is that when I wake I’ve pulled the nest to me and I’m holding the pillows he slept on. Right now it’s helping me sleep so I’m not about to change that.  I miss Dexter & Luna and they did help me sleep at night and comforted me in waking hours. They made me laugh, snuggled, loved on me, vied for my attention and played with me. There is an emptiness without them.