Crazy upcoming week

So I haven’t written anything in about a week. Last post was about Jodi and her Father so what I should say is for my efforts last week came up short. That may sound a bit premature but I thought I’d get at least a text or something. I get she was busy and so was I but I took time out to write just about her and me. I also took time from Saturday to go and support her and her family.

Yes I had to leave early, I had to leave for Matt and Cassidy Emmer’s wedding which I promised and rsvp’d to Vicky and Randy that I would be there. I try my best to keep promises. People know this about me. I’m a loyal friend and person to know.

Tuesday I was invited to go to Paula and Bert’s birthday dinner Wednesday night. Wednesday was also the day that Petco made their big announcement about closing Dr’s Foster & Smith and that almost 300 employees were to be laid off in 60 days. This upset Sean and family understandably so. But we still met up at Bucketheads for dinner and drinks. Was nice to see everyone.

On Thursday I had my 6 month checkup with Dr. Edmondson who was thrilled with how things are going with my allergy shots. Soon as I said I’ll be going on monthly. He told me to hold off on changing any meds until after spring to see how I’m doing.

Friday was the double header for basketball which went fairly well. I felt tired after the games and anxious about Saturday. Paula went with me to the visitation so Dad and Sue could get ready for the wedding. We didn’t arrive as early as I wanted so only got to talk with Anna, Adalia and Angie before they started the ceremony for Bill’s life. As I said as they were playing the military song for him I had to quickly give Jodi her card, hug her and tell her I loved her but I needed to go and to call me. I sat next to Anna and Emeri and held Emeri’s hand. It was nice seeing the girls.

Sunday was a day to just relax and not think about much of anything. This week is so busy. Today I have my Obgyn in Wausau and Paula has her ivig. Then Tuesday allergy shots in morning and radio station at night. I also need to contact the Sheriff department, district attorney and figure out what’s going on since the preliminary hearing is Friday, January 18th. I’m frustrated and anxious and stressed. I just want it to be right and it to go well. Right now it isn’t right.