Typical Thursday

It has been wildly wicked for our windchills so much that they closed schools, sporting events, gyms, businesses, even bars! So I went through things in my room to be able to get around better. Mission accomplished and purged some clothes in my closet. Also did laundry, took a nice nap and played on ps3.

I have my essential oils diffusing, I have my meditation sleep playing but I have a dull aching in my head and when I thought I was going to fall asleep had a clear vision of when I found my Dexter. I remember how cold and stiff his body was but I wanted to hold my baby. So I grabbed the blanket and pulled it around him and held him close to me. And cried and rocked him until my Dad arrived. It is still too much for me to bear. My heart broke more that night and when I found what evil did to my boy. I am so sorry my sweet boy. And I’m sorry for whatever he did to Luna to aid in her early demise too. Pure fucking evil beast of a waste of life. I cannot describe just how much I loathe and wish you were no where near anyone or anything I love. You destroyed so much. You didn’t fucking win Asshole. I’m still alive.