Christmas 2018

On Christmas Eve I had an intimate evening with my Mom and her fiance Jim at their house. We talked, listened to music and ate and laughed. It was intimate and perfect for what I needed. It was a lovely evening and Mom got one of her pictures printed on canvas for me and it’s lovely. I’m happy to have one of her pictures.

I had my allergy shot in the morning and was really tired and wasn’t really up for doing the busy night at Grandma’s so it was easier for me to have something much more intimate. Which is what I had Christmas Eve with Mom and Jim and when I got home I had a lovely conversation with Joe. Reconnecting with him has made 2018 not seem as bad as it has been. Not everything in 2018 was bad but I’ve had some truly fucking awful things happen in a year.

So Christmas day I told my Dad that I wanted to join them to go out for Chinese and so we did. Amazingly enough Peking was open and we had a good meal and went back to Dad’s and had a couple of drinks and talked and watched some Netflix. I had more Hibiki than I expected to which is going to make me cut this short for the night. I’d say all in all Christmas was nice and intimate for me.

I’m going to be busy this week since I have therapy and work and the district attorney and then work Thursday and work Friday night and saturday morning. But for tomorrow after work I’m going to get a pizza and spend the evening with Grandma.

For now I’m going to take my sleepy ass to bed and maybe write tomorrow if I get time at work. Ciao for now.