As the day came to be I knew it would be difficult to see him go and it was and is. But I told him it is not goodbye and that I would not say it and so we did not. The time that we spent together was the best gift I was given. I cannot be sure of how the cards will play out but I do know there’s work that I must do and I must get stronger and I plan to and am trying. I have been trying even though there are people who feel that I’m fruitlessly hanging onto any hope. What is life without hope? Would you not fight for justice if it were something you loved? Something that you made sacrifices for to keep safe? Just because it isn’t human doesn’t mean it wasn’t alive… doesn’t mean it didn’t have feelings or that I didn’t have feelings. Don’t so easily dismiss that. Cause I do not and I don’t feel that anyone wishes me not to have had loved or to love. Love is what we all need and I do love and have loved.

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This week is Christmas and the following is New Years. This coming week of Christmas I will be having my allergy shot and deciding what I want to do for Christmas. I’ll be meeting with the District Attorney this Thursday before work where I will be presenting what I have collected and likely the petition, along with my timeline and asking a lot of questions and hopefully getting some answers. I’ll be working a good bit and get to spend some time with Brodee soon.

For now I need some rest…. not complaining about lack of rest at all. Enjoyed every waking moment.