Hope and changes

It has now been two days that the petition has been up and shared multiple times across the world. I cannot begin to express how much it means to me to have this continued support and offers to guide me on what I need to work at to try to change animal cruelty laws. By starting at the local level and working our way up until these heinous acts are punished harder than they are currently.

The thing I am looking forward to this weekend is Joe is coming home on vacation. I’ll get to see and spend some time with him. It has been many years and there were many circumstances which led up to the inevitable reconnection. We both have went through major changes in our lives. I have expressed my regrets and apologized for everything from the past and we have both forgiven one another. No matter what the future holds I’m happy to have him back in my life.

I know I have a lot of work with everything that’s going on with court, my mourning, regaining my strength and being able to get through all that became broken and destroyed and be able to consistently see myself and not lose that. I have hope for the future. Hope is an anchor for the soul.