Difference a day can make

So the petition was put up last night and just in 24 hrs we’ve had nearly 15k signatures from people from all over the world. It makes my heart bloom knowing that I’m not the only one that my story touched. It’s not easy to read about what cruelty Dexter went through and not knowing what happened with Luna still bothers me but I doubt I will ever know and I have to accept that.

Last night when I went to sleep, as hokey as it may sound I felt Dexter for the first time by my side. He slept on my pillow next to me or my pillow almost every night. I hugged the pillows on the right side of the bed and felt his presence and love. It soothed me and I was able to sleep peacefully for the first time in many nights.

Today I had my first breathe session with Steve Moe and it was from my understanding with talking with Joe more of a guided meditation.  He taught me many different things that I have to practice every day. I have been so peaceful since I left my session. It was exactly what I needed and my heart is filled with peace from the session and the signatures and support from family and friends and strangers who are friends of friends or just people that seen this and are up-roared about what happened. It is still going to take some time and I’m a fighter. I will continue my fight every day. This is only the beginning. Not sure what version of myself I am now but it’s new and improved.

Also I am very excited about this weekend. Someone I haven’t seen in many years is coming into town and I’ll get to see him Saturday after work. I’m very excited and happy.