Update on things

Baby Dexter & Luna

I spoke with Dr. Alison French on Friday in regards to some things that I thought she might be able to answer about Dexter.  I asked her if Randy did what he says he did by strangling and beating him on the head 10 to 20 times (pretty hard) if there would be any kind of blood, urine, feces, excretions of any kind. I asked because when I went into my room and was calling or sing songing his name as I always do I didn’t see anything on the floor or walls and when I seen that he was under the bed and realized he was dead there was no blood, urine, feces, etc and so on. He was curled up in a half ball with his eyes closed and looked like he was sleeping except he was cold and stiff.  As I stated I grabbed his blanket and picked him up and wrapped him inside the blanket and held him close to me and cried. I looked at him several times and his eyes were shut, there wasn’t any blood, I didn’t see any marring or any indication of anything. Alison said if Randy indeed do what he said he did there would be blood or urine or at the least when he fought off strangulation he would’ve had anal sac excretions. Also she asked me if his eyes were open or closed and I said they were closed. She informed me as a veterinarian that, “I did explain that cats never close their eyes when they are deceased or even when they are under anesthesia.  It is very hard to keep their eyes closed after death.” I asked her if she would write another letter in regards to this conversation and she did and added, “It would seem to me that if Dexter was found the way Erica described, that Dexter would have been washed and dried, curled up and probably had his eyes glued closed to keep them shut.”

As I stated last week I also sought out a grief support group for people who have lost animals. At first the group I joined removed my posting I assume because it was greatly upsetting for most people to read but when I messaged someone from the group she apologized and tried to encourage me to partipate in the group. It’s not easy finding people who want to listen or hear anything about this and it’s hard for me not to think about my babies every day. Every single day I wake and miss my baby girl and baby boy. They slept with me, comforted me and brought me happiness. They were more than just property to me. 

As I stated I did contact several animal activist groups and a couple responded and one plans to write a petition and contact their other contacts as well to spread the petition and get others started to hand to the DA or the judge to hopefully let them see that this was cruel, this was murder, this should have the maximum penalty and he should not be allowed to be around any animal. Would you want Randy by your cat? Or dog? In his own words, he strangled and beat my Dexter and obviously cleaned him up and glued his eyes closed and hid him under my bed for me to find. Also cleaning the room and acted surprised that he was dead. Made no mention of any attack to him. Not at all from October 8th when he killed him sometime after I left for my allergy shot but before he dropped off my laptop at my job. I know Dexter was dead when he came. Do I know 100%? He was cold and stiff and had rigor mortis. Randy had to be at work at 1 and he really is a creature of habit. He brought my laptop to me acted like everything was fine and went to his job. I found Dexter when I got home at 6:30pm CST.  I messaged Randy who acted shocked and since he was no help to me when Luna died in my arms for comfort or support yes I decided to go with my Dad and stay with Paula so I could grief my baby. The second one to die in a span of two months. And for what? Because he wanted me all to himself, because he wanted to control me, because he was jealous or anyone or anything that took away any time from him. It was all about owning me and he did but now I’m free again. Dexter and Luna are too and likely playing somewhere perhaps and maybe if I’m lucky enough I’ll get to see them again and play fetch. Randy lied and made me feel like I was crazy for mourning my babies. He said he didn’t want this to shut me down completely. But it did. He broke me by breaking my babies, by murdering them. No there’s no proof that he did anything to Luna but  look what he did to Dexter and Luna was only 5 and suddenly just decided to die in my arms? Was he poisoning her? Strangling her? Beating her too? Yes I want justice for my babies and I don’t want anyone to suffer as I did because most of the time I’m trying to figure out how to breathe.

Speaking of breathing I am taking my Doctor and therapists advice and going to learn how to breathe. I’ll let you know how that goes. That’s coming up on Thursday for me along with a hockey game for the radio station. I’ll be posting tomorrow about the link to the petition and they also stated they were going to help this blog get more exposure. Thanks for reading and hopefully we’ll see what happens with all this. These are good things. Until tomorrow, goodnight Wisconsin.