Manic Monday

In many ways, it was just like the song and I wished it was Sunday. I had a rough night of sleep and had to be up early to go to the gastroenterologist and have my allergy shots. The nurse shot me up before the other nurse for Dr. Black came to take me for her appointment. They want to scope my upper gi tract and I get to do a colonoscopy in January. Fun times. She talked about the fibroids found on the CT scan and that will likely get addressed by the ob-gyn also in January.

After that fun, I went to my therapy appointment. Last week we worked on visualization exercises to help me relax and with my panic attacks. This week we talked about my health first and my thoughts on what’s going on with that. Then we talked about my friend Steven Yang that passed away same weekend Luna died. I told her I felt as if I haven’t grieved much for it because I was already distraught with Luna and couldn’t talk to the heartless Asshole since he was a control freak and didn’t do shit to help me with Luna or Steve passing. My therapist asked a lot of questions about how I met Steve and how long I knew him, what kind of things we did, etc. It was nice recalling memories from NYC and from him being here for vacation and also times we talked, texted etc through the years. She asked me what I thought Steve would say to me if he were here. I said he’d probably tell me it’s ok and he understands. He’d also tell me he’s no longer in pain and that he misses me but is with others. I told her that Raja and Roger and I text and talk and exchange stories with each other and pictures. I told her I found cigars he sent me and I have 7 of them. I’m thinking of getting a hold of Raja and Roger to see if they want a couple and I’ll keep 3 and occasionally light them or smoke them. Also said I’d like to go back to NYC and go to his grave and see his family and go a few places.

I got home from therapy and I’ve been talking to various animal activist groups to seek guidance and help and they’ve been very helpful. One lady named Angel from the UK that works for the Animal Welfare News has given me tons of leads for contacting people and I’ve been sending my story to several individuals from these groups. Nina from Lady Freethinker connected with me and said the group will take the information I provided and start a petition. It will tell the story of the cruelty and then target the DA or judge and urging them to treat the case with the severity it deserves and enact a ban on the attacker from ever being near an animal again. Which is definitely something I feel Dexter deserves. The other part of what I want to do is work on what I need to write and who I should write to (congressman or senators or lawmakers) to try to plea for stronger sentencing for cases like this. Dexter was murdered, cleaned up and hidden under my bed for me to find. He then lied to me and didn’t mention any attack or that he knew about his death. I found out 20 days after I thought he died that he murdered my baby. My restraining order is for a max of 4 years and if he’s convicted he only faces the possibility of 3 1/2 years in prison and or 10,000 fine. Dexter was alive, was a therapy cat, was my little love and my baby. Not just a pet or a piece of property.