Tell me how

There are days that I’ve been feeling better but I keep asking myself how much I am. When I’m alone and laying in bed on sleepless nights I find myself crying so hard, gasping to breathe and wishing it would just stop. The pain from my losses is so intense and the need to act normal for people so they stop telling me how and what I need to do. If you had something in your life that gave you peace, unconditional love and was there when no one else was and then both were ripped away forever tell me how you’d feel. Tell me how you’d but be afraid. Tell me how you’d go on. Tell me how you’d sleep without them. Tell me how much you’d want or could eat. Tell me that your world wouldn’t be chaotic. Tell me how you’d be. Tell me how you’d survive. Especially knowing how they were ripped from your life. Tell me how you’d feel if no one seemed to get the importance of what it was like to have that comfort when your anxiety crushed you. Tell me what you’d do now.

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