As the days get closer to Monday when I have the first hearing for Dexter many thoughts continue to race through my head.  The other day I tried to make contact with the assistant District Attorney to touch base with her in regards to what to expect from Monday’s hearing. I talked to my advocate shortly after that to let her know that I left a message for the DA and we discussed what could happen on Monday.  I am glad during the injunction hearing that I brought three pieces of evidence (my timeline, letter from Dr. French and the damning text) and gave them to the judge to review. I have felt that this nightmare hasn’t exactly been handled the way it should’ve been. I have yet to meet with the assistant district attorney and yet have called, left messages and emailed my timeline. Made sure that the Sheriff’s Department knew where I was staying and had my number where I could be reached but they still called the cell phone which I couldn’t use at the time this shit was going down and for almost two weeks.  They never called me in to take my statement or get my timeline, I brought them my timeline. The criminal report is jacked up when comparing it with my timeline which is accurate to the series of events and dates they occurred. I have proof to go along with my timeline. 

It is my best friend Paula has been in a relationship with my cousin Sean for the past twenty years.  The irony is that Sean and I met her on the same date which was my cousin Joel’s wedding. Now twenty years later with twins and a house they’re still going strong.  I am proud to say how lucky Paula is to have this because for many of us we don’t have that and may never have that opportunity.  They may drive each other crazy some days but that’s part of the partnership and what it takes to do that and still wake up to each other for another day.  So happy anniversary to my best friend and my pain in the ass cousin that I also love (just not in the same way). Thank you for being a great man and giving this to my best friend. You both deserve this happiness. Thank you also for all you’ve done to help me out through one of the toughest times I’ve had to experience in my life.  I’m humbled and grateful for both of you.

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