October in Wisconsin

I’m feeling a bit like Bilbo Baggins in my life, I’ve had some very interesting adventures with places I’ve lived, things I’ve seen on travels and experiences that have been life changing.

So I am now back in my hometown and in my home state of Wisconsin after going through hurricane Harvey in Corpus Christi. I managed to evacuate the city to Laredo during the hurricane not knowing what I would return to. To set things up further I had already been separated from my husband and his plan was to move back to his home state. But during the hurricane I made him go with me and the cats to Laredo.

The hurricane for us did affect us, it affected us by having to be evacuated, not working and spending money that was saved for bills and lifted things while away. There was flood damage and wind damage and the loss of food items that stayed and lost from no electricity. So the hurricane was a big part of the decision for me to come back home and him leaving for Michigan. I was alone and afraid and unsure what to do and the car accident didn’t exactly help but I am now safe back home, by family and friends and I’m trying my best to readjust to everything. And everything feels so different now, I’ve been displaced and relocated and been disoriented. I’m still trying to get my bearings and trying to relax. Some things in life change the course of everything and start new chapters. I hope this chapter is better than the previous ones.

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