July to remember

I would’ve called it a June to remember but I suppose that’ll be explained. So I was working the same job for the past almost four years part of that was as a temp and then was hired permanent full-time position at the police Impound. I thought things were going alright for the most part. There were things that my boss notified me to improve on and I was doing everything I was asked to do. Then late June came and there was a police officer that came in to investigate a tampered money order that I had (not on purpose) accepted. The fact I didn’t see it nor did my boss and it wasn’t until the bank tried cashing it did it become obvious that it wasn’t for the amount shown. The same day I gave my statement which happened to be a Friday about an hour after the interview I was given my walking papers. I was distraught and am still in some ways because it was noted as early termination during probationary period but I’m pretty sure it had more to do with the money order I accepted than anything but when I had asked why they said that I’d have to talk to Human Resources which I did. I made my way after I got home to City Hall to talk with Human Resources and they also had no answers for me so I was given the big fat goose egg when it came to any questions.  I came home and updated my resume and applied for several positions with the city and school district and also initiated my filing for unemployment.  As of now I haven’t gotten that and it’s in review and I’m likely to be starting to drive cab soon. I went and did fingerprinting/background check and visited the cab inspector today. I can start training and driving tomorrow.  So this will be a new venture until I can figure out what I want to do and do it. I sort of made it through my July time but for no apparent reason today had a wicked panic attack on my way home from finishing with the cab inspector.