28 Day #lovemechallenge

May 30, 2016 – June 27th

So I decided I’m going to do this. Why? I’m doing it so you can learn a bit more about me and maybe I will too. ‪#‎lovemechallenge‬ day 1.

This is how I feel right now. Not towards everyone.

43 and fabulous! ‪#‎nomakeup‬ don’t care, don’t need it and don’t need the bullshit. ‪#‎beautiful‬ ‪#‎bitch‬ to not toy with. ‪#‎lovemechallenge Day 2 photo of me. Just keeping it real.

It’s midnight and so I have ‪#‎lovemechallenge‬ day 3! This is a perfect word that describes me: gumption.

How did I come up with this? It was very simple. What is gumption? Here’s some of the words that’ll help identify the meaning of gumption: initiative, resourcefulness, enterprise, ingenuity, imagination; astuteness, shrewdness, acumen, sense, common sense, wit, mother wit, practicality; spirit, backbone, pluck, mettle, nerve, courage, wherewithal; informal get-up-and-go, spunk, oomph, moxie, savvy, horse sense, (street) smarts…. all of these I have in spades which makes me charming and fun to be around and why a lot of people love or like me. So yes the perfect word is gumption.

#‎lovemechallenge Day 4, Name a person that loves me.

This is pretty easy. I know my Dad loves me and my step Mother. Also my sisters (best friends) Paula, Jodi and Beth. I am loved by people who know me and I tell them and others that I love them. I feel blessed. Thank you for loving me.

#‎lovemechallenge‬ day 5: Note to past self.

There are many things I could tell you about the future and even though I could it would change who I am today. I know it’s hard to understand but all I can do is encourage you to not give up. Everything happens for a reason. It may not make sense but one day maybe it will. Just keep being true to yourself and a good person. Listen to your instincts because they’re accurate.

#‎lovemechallenge‬ day 6 note to future self.

I hope that you’re still drawing or painting because you went through a dry spell without it for a while. I hope that life is treating you well and you are continuing to find your purpose or have figured it out. I hope you’re still being true to yourself. You’ve weathered a lot through the years and hope that by now you have some peace.

#‎lovemechallenge‬ day 7 something just for me:

I’m having a difficult time trying to figure out what whomever set this challenge up meant by this so I’ve been looking up ideas from others that have answered this one.

What I will do when I want clarification on some matter (whatever it is) I tend to look whatever up so that I can get a full understanding of what I don’t know. I feel this isn’t necessarily unique to just me but it is something I do for myself. Which is one way that others answered this challenge was finding something they do for themselves. This is how I have obtained a lot of information about whatever in my life. I feel that has helped me greatly and made me very self-sufficient.

I read for myself too. Not saying I haven’t read for others but I read for the others (teachers, friends request) but I read because I enjoy getting lost in the story.

#‎lovemechallenge Day 8, share a scar.

Most of the physical scars I have don’t have an interesting story. I had my gall bladder removed laparoscopic surgery so I have about 8 tiny scars from that.

I have worse emotional scars. Of course those depending on the circumstances are much harder to heal. And sometimes I think that at least the emotional ones they don’t really go away, they may fade but we (as humans) or at least speaking for myself I’ve learned to adapt those into my life.

#lovemechallenge‬ challenge Day 9, Share something beautiful…I feel and look beautiful in this picture.13322086_856402967816411_1015918062600424695_n

#‎loveme‬ challenge Day 10, share a secret: I’ve done a lot of bad things in my life but I still feel as though I’m a way better person than most of the people I meet.

#‎lovemechallenge‬ day 11, share a smile.


#‎lovemechallenge‬ day 12, share a flaw : over thinking and anxiety.

#‎lovemechallenge‬ day 13, share a quote:

I actually have several quotes in my About section here and I keep adding to it as I feel something strongly about whatever and something that’s said in a book, TV show, movie or from someone or even something I’ve said.

So this is mine for today for you:

“I do love to inspire and be inspired. I feel the world needs more inspiration.”

#‎lovemechallenge‬ day 14: share a fear you overcame.

I remember when I was in school I hated standing in front of the classroom to do speeches. It wasn’t until high school that I started to overcome that fear. Speaking for an audience or standing up against whomever used to be a problem but for the most part now I have no issues and on fact I want to be heard, to be outspoken and to be an advocate for those who are afraid.

#‎lovemechallenge‬ day 15, something I’ve done right.

This is easy. I try my best to treat others the way I would like to be treated, with respect and kindness. I overlook many things people do not. My humanity is what I feel I do right.

#‎lovemechallenge‬ day 16, something I Like about myself.

For me it would be my green eyes and how I can wear certain colors, dye my hair more red, or certain moods will change the hue of that green.

#‎lovemechallenge‬ day 17, what feeds my soul?

Many things fill my soul. Going around taking pictures, drawing, coloring, making someone smile, nature, my cats, my friends, good books, music, art, seeing/doing/trying new things, campfire, starry night, the moon, Northern lights, fishing, sunrises and sunsets, love…so many things.

#‎lovemechallenge‬ day 18, something that feeds my brain.

Learning new things, whatever it is. Coloring and art help feed the creative side of my brain. Reading helps feed my brain and sometimes good conversation, TV or a movie will make me think.

#‎lovemechallenge‬ day 19, something I feel strongly about :

I’ve been posting many of the things I feel strongly about lately…the rapist getting off lightly, I feel very strongly about that because of my own experiences. Which is why I’ve been leaving towards advocacy or voicing awareness, promoting change.

Not only with sexual assault but the terrorist attack against the lgbt community this past weekend and Christians and politicians with their lack of humanity and compassion for human beings. Again I want to make people aware it doesn’t have to be this way.

People need to keep their sense of humanity and decency and treat people with respect and stop the killing and raping and hatred and hurting.

#‎lovemechallenge‬ day 20, something I love to wear.

Before I moved to Austin one of my best friend’s Paula B. Larson Huempfner gave me the hoodie in this picture. It’s something I wear quite often and absolutely love it. I also wear a necklace that Jodi Fourt gave me the last Christmas I was home always. You can see the silver pendent on my neck, on the pendant it says ‘A true friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words ‘.

KASHMIR-LT - 2016-03-24 15.19.27

#lovemechallenge‬ day 21, something you’re proud of.

As I am getting older I’m becoming proud of myself for handling situations better, not putting up with situations I’ve got myself into and being braver.

#‎lovemechallenge‬ day 22, what makes you unique?

This one takes a bit of thinking. I’m an artist, photographer, writer, free spirit, spiritual, empathic, intelligent, sarcastic, witty, beautiful, survivor, peace-loving, understanding, compassionate, humanitarian with good morals, polite but curse like a sailor and I stopped taking shit from people. I’m one of three Godmother’s to my besties twins, an only child, not spoiled, not prejudiced, not racist, not sexist, a feminist, that loves music and movies and a great book and most people find me fun to be around and funny. So those things combined would make me unique. I am me.

#‎lovemechallenge‬ day 23, my best feature ..

Those beautiful green eyes.

#‎lovemechallenge‬ day 24, what makes you happy?

A lot of things make me happy. Simple things, listening to music, watching movies, reading a good book, laying in the sun on the beach, swimming, the sound is the ocean, campfire, watching birds, drawing, painting, my babies greeting me at the door when I come home or sleeping with me or cuddling with me, my family, my friends, watching the sunrise and sunset, looking at the stars, going to concerts, quiet nights, no drama, my favorite ice cream, cooking (sometimes), a compliment, a surprise, someone smiling at me, random acts of kindness, peace and love.

#‎lovemechallenge‬ day 25, what makes you laugh?

Well I thought this was covered yesterday. Comedies like TV shows and movies, Ren & Stimpy, Robin Williams, George Carlin, Eddie Murphy, comedians, my friends, my family, my pets, silly videos. Silliness and sometimes thinking about bad things in a different way to cope with them differently. I like making people laugh and like when people make me laugh. The world or life has so much seriousness so it’s nice having a break in that even if it’s for a short while.

#‎lovemechallenge‬ day 26, what makes you feel beautiful?

Now I’m not sure why this is a difficult question for me. I know when I take selfies I’m over critical and choose the ones that I believe I look beautiful in. I also feel beautiful when I get checked out or compliments as well or when I’m being flirted with…..definitely makes me feel beautiful.

#‎lovemechallenge‬ day 27, what have you accepted about you?

I have accepted that I’m not a perfect person, no one is. I make mistakes, admit when I’m wrong. I’ve accepted one day I’m going to die because that used to scare me a lot but now that I’m older I just try to do my best to do the things I’d like to before that happens. I try not to have regret and live my life.

#‎lovemechallenge‬ day 28, what have you learned in these 28 days?

I hope you’ve learned more about me in the 28 days of me sharing pieces of me. I feel I’ve learned that sharing openly about myself isn’t so bad. I have a greater appreciation for who I am as an individual and enjoyed sharing with everyone myself.