Decision, decisions…

There comes a time when a woman has to make a stand to choose what options she has and what path to take. I’ve come to that crossroads recently. I’ve been living in Corpus Christi for the last two + years and at my current temporary position for the majority of that time. Recently the boss at my job informed me that they’re finally going to be posting the position that became vacant in January and I’ve already been groomed for the position for quite awhile.  But I have to ask myself is it really worth me staying here for just this job. Very likely I will go for the position because personally I could use the extra income. The question is how long do I stay? Why should I stay here in Corpus Christi? When is it time for that next step?  One of my best friends that lives in a suburb of Chicago has given me a sweet offer to go stay with her and my two beautiful God daughters and her husband so I can do what I need to in order to make that fresh start. The idea to me is very comforting because I miss my close friends and I miss my family so bad that it hurts. I’ve been away from my friends and family for almost four years and it hasn’t been kind for me. And for those that have read my previous posts you know of some of the heartache. Some may think or say that I’m running away but I think that I have been patient and because I’ve been mainly working through my crisis situations over the phone with my best friends or family then what’s really keeping me here?

One thought on “Decision, decisions…

  1. Take the job save money,go visit your friends and family.Mean while when you do move on,you will have money to start on your own.Call me if you want or need to talk.Miss you my friend.I really want to be here for you.Always follow your instincts.

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