Our dark passengers

Yesterday I went onto Facebook and read in trending that Robin Williams had died, age 63 of an apparent suicide and it hit me that the only greatness we will have from him is what he made and he was in some great movies from What Dreams May Come (my fav) to Patch Adams, to Awakenings and Dead Poets Society plus many other dramatic and also of course comedic roles.  I also remember his stand up comedy and how funny he was and candid about his life, his demons … dark passengers. Having my own dark passenger I know that when you go to therapy or treatment that it doesn’t erase and it isn’t designed to erase those dark passengers. Therapy and treatment is designed to help you cope with your dark passenger and it’s not easy.  I read an article from a woman about how suicide isn’t selfish and I agree. It may seem to many people that it is a selfish act but for those of us that struggle with our dark passenger we know that life can be overwhelming. It’s our friends and family that are active in our lives that do help us cope with the dark passenger for another day.

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