Sweet November

I am sitting awake having just got done watching a movie I had wanted to see for awhile. You see my husband is not one to watch chick flicks which is different from people I have dated in the past. Perhaps that had been my mistake back then, but who knows. Anyway I just got done watching the Vow with Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum. In trying to not spoil the movie for anyone it’s about a couple that are married and they get into an accident which leaves her with amnesia and the road to her recovery takes their relationship in ways they both couldn’t predict. I love this story and if I get an opportunity I would love to read the book. I wonder if Beth has read the book. I remember when she seen the movie and I hadn’t and how she had said she liked it and I now understand why.  I miss Beth, our get togethers and having coffee, just sitting, talking or shopping, going to Goodwill or Walmart, helping her clean or just watching television together. I miss all my best friends and it makes me sad. I know that they’re living their lives and I am sort of living my life. I guess I don’t feel as if I am like they are. It isn’t as if I’ve done nothing since I moved away from Wisconsin….on the contrary I have been through several states and photographed them all. I’ve seen parts of Texas that I always wanted to see. I have a cat again which I have wanted for awhile. We have a dog too but I haven’t bonded as much with him yet. I’ve been sick for the past couple weeks. I’m off the antibiotics and prednisone but I still don’t feel like myself. I’m still coughing, feeling light headed and not sure if it’s side affects from the prednisone or if I am still sick. I guess in time we’ll see. It’s early November, daylight savings where it’s ‘fall back’ was tonight and I’m living in Three Rivers, Texas which is Southern Texas. Sometimes I miss the autumn air, crisp colorful mornings but I don’t miss the snow.